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How important is video right now?

2D Motion Analysis software is supporting telemedicine.

During these times of change, utilizing video has been a critical aspect of how coaches, teachers and clinicians have been able to provide continued support for their athletes, students and patients.

Here is a story about how our clients at The Gait Lab in the UK have utilized Siliconcoach video software to support virtual consultations and help diagnose and treat patients.

"Siliconcoach has been a lifeline to us, and it is the most valuable tool in our video consultations we have been doing. I have seen over 60 patients for video consultation, and I get the patients to pre-record a video of their gait and clinic tests, and then I share my screen and analyze it with the patient."

Sophie Roberts, Podiatrist

Check out this video of how video analysis can be shared with a client via email.

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