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The 2D Motion tools we recommend

With technology getting better and better, using 2D Motion Analysis tools is the easiest it has ever been. You might even have the best camera in your pocket already. Here's a list of our favorite tools to use with 2D Motion Analysis. Getting Started with 2D Video Analysis only requires minimum investment. We have tried and tested the products below with our web-based software.

Any ipad can be used but we find the iPad mini the least investment to get what you need, and it's transportable enough to take from room to room or outside the office. The cameras on these devices is often better than any other camera on the market. We like the iPad over a phone because using the drawing tools is more accurate.


The best iPad mount is made by Makayama. They aren't easy to get a hold of, but they areworth it. Why? Because they keep the ipad in a predictable and consistent position in relation to the tripod. Connect it with the Tripod we recommend below and you have a quick set up that is also consistently placed for good clinical measurements.

There are also some great combo packages available for an ipad holder and tripod. The key is to try to keep the ipad in the same position, and an iPad holder that keeps the iPad in a consistent position is important.


Trust us. Spend a little more than the low end to make sure your equipment is safe and secure. When you use a low end tripod, the adjustment knobs wear out quickly and then you can't get them to tighten down to secure the angle and position of the camera. Spend a little more here and you won't regret it. It's still not that expensive, promise! The Manfrotto Compact is our favorite due to one rolling adjustment that engages the swivel head to make the adjustments quickly.


Having a remote allows you to start the capture of video while you are away from the camera. The benefits are that you are helping a client out of a chair, or walking next to them to ensure safety. It also comes in handy to quickly capture a moment that you weren't expecting and you want to be able to see it in slow motion.

These small investments will make your set up and experience using 2D Motion seemless.

Contact us to learn more about implementing 2D Motion Analysis into your practice.

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