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The Value of Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what is one minute of video worth?

1.8 million words

The time you get to spend with clients is decreasing, and documentation requirements are increasing/ Let's consider what video analysis can do to save you time and ultimately improve your practice.

Video Analysis and Gait Assessment

  1. Aids in the diagnosis of abnormal gait.

  2. Forms the basis for clinical decision making.

  3. Documents a clients condition

  4. Influences prescriptions

  5. Identifies patients with increased mobility risks

  6. Measures the effectiveness of therapies and rehabilitation rate.

Let's watch this video and think about the observations we would record in our notes.

It can take a considerable amount of time to record your observations when you are watching a client walk. You are left with a paragraph of words.

Now let's watch how easy those observations can be put into a report using 2D Motion Analysis tools.

The time savings and improvement on what you were able to see and measure have improved your practice.

Contact us to learn more about the 2D Motion tools.

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