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Partnering with The Tarn Group, we support the US to provide custom learning solutions. The Tarn Group (formerly known as Siliconcoach) has roots in sport since the late 1990s and has been busy weaving its magic, working with a diverse range of professionals across many different industries to deliver effective solutions for their markets. 


Our solutions are custom to your brand, and we take the time to understand your organization to help you select the features that will support your goals.


Ruru is an online video tool for practical skills assessment. Designed to help streamline the assessment process, improve accuracy and create better records.

PnO Data

Helping clinicians improve the lives of their patients by improving the care of rehabilitation experts.

Dialed in Motion

Helping retailers increase safety and comfort by ensuring their customers are fit with the perfect running shoe or bike.


Bracken is an all-in-one online education platform that gives you the tools to help get information out to your people in an engaging and timely way that improves outcomes.


Siliconcoach is a video analysis tool that helps you review a performance or skill in detail to assist in improving coaching and athletic performance.

Build the right plan for you. 

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